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Wow, i seem lame because I’m writing on a blog on how i need a fly girl haha. but its true, there’s not that  many girls out there that i like because they don’t seem to fit my lifestyle. its like every time i meet a girl i make them show me the real them. Then we stop talking, then they go back to the old them, like the fake them. To tell the truth, i never met a girl that always stayed real with me. I’m starting to care less about looks because every time i go after some really good looking girls they turn out to be some real bitch’s are some fake ass hoes. Well I’m done talking because every time i talk people don’t understand because they cant comprehend what I’m saying.



Song Of the week: Charles Hamilton – Conversations With God


Fly Kicks: Air Jordan VI Motorsports Colorway

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If you are looking to spend over 2,000.00 on a pair of shoes then theis are the ones. Word has it that they only produced about 20 pairs of these fly ass kicks.  If you looking to buy a pair then head over to Osneaker because they currently have them up for sale.

Charles is in The Dead Zone….

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See, Mr.Hamilton is the most hated on the net next to Soulja Boy. But you understand kid, he is in a different ZONNNEE!!! In that is The Dead Zone. So you probably thinking “WTF Is Eli talking about??” well Charles is back with a new mix tape with some really dope songs but some horrible Artwork (Whice im not posting) so hit the jump for the DL Link.

Holla at you kids later


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The Valentine’s Day EP By Jabee

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So after seeing this dope ass artwork over at 2dopeboyz, It got me to DL This mix-tape….And to tell you the truth. This is pretty dope :] and like shake said, After i took a listen through i had to post it. So i hope you enjoy this Lover’s And Friends!


DOWNLOAD: Jabee – The Valentine’s Day EP

So Far, So Gone….

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It’s Here Folks!!! Download and vibe out to the latest mixtape from one of the dopest MC’s doing it right now.

Shouts to OctVeryOwn And 2dopeboyz! And Props To Darkie For The Dope ASSSSS Artwork.

DOWNLOAD: Drake – So Far Gone (Mixtape) | Splitr

Cudi’s IZZZ So Complex Like The Magzine…..

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DAMN! This joint is FIRE!!! kanye did his thing on this one. im glad the old him is back, But any way, anuff with the small talk its time to hit ya’ll with the official album version. Now featuring Big Sean (The OG one only featured Kanye). Off Serious Japanese.


DOWNLOAD: Teriyaki Boyz – Teriya-King f. Kanye West & Big Sean (prod. Kanye West)


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So it looks like the OG Hipster and the gangster turned hipster hook up for another banger. There was a snippet of this track around the net last week with just Wayne’s part, but here goes the full version with P.

Props to illRoots.

DOWNLOAD: Lil’ Wayne – Ay Man (Ft. Pharrell)